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One tool. Endless uses.

When you want one tool to do the job of many, we've got the perfect solution. This multitool packs 15 different functions into just 1 pound. It measures 6.25"" x 4"" for easy storage in a tool box, emergency kit, glove box, or backpack. From tightening loose screws to opening a cold one, this multitool is essential for every handyman and handywoman. It's a must have for home repairs, DIY projects, camping trips, and more. You won't want to go anywhere without it.

What you'll get:

Inside the durable black canvas pouch, you'll find a wirecutter, pliers, knife, saw, serrated knife, scaling knife, rasp, bottle opener, wrench, socket wrench, 6-point metric wrench, Philips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, large flat-head screwdriver, hammer, claw, 6 sockets and a screwdriver attachment.